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Being experts is a given. Being experts that treat your business as our own is rare.

We can provide expert guidance on financial services, credit and payments regulation, AML-CTF/KYC and privacy laws. We are known for taking a commercial approach to complex regulatory issues. We love working with all sectors of the financial advice industry particularly; financial planners, fund managers, credit brokers and accountants.

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We are a team driven by values and motivated by the best outcomes.

  • Jodi Ainsworth

    Senior Lawyer

  • Meghann Cannon

    Head of Operations & Brand

  • Catherine Evans

    Founder & Head of Legal

  • Cath Finnis

    Client Manager

  • Rosie Jervis

    Senior Lawyer

  • Kate Le Gallez

    Senior Consultant

  • Anna Lacey

    Senior Lawyer

  • Lisa Sculley

    Senior Consultant

  • Adam Trengove

    Head of People & Platform

  • Justin Mitchell

    Non-executive Director


Posted April 22, 2021

Posted By Meghann Cannon

New disciplinary system and registration requirements for financial advisers

Prepared by Kate Le Gallez & Catherine Evans. The Government has released draft legislation to… Read More


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Our Digital Compliance Platform allows us to scale expert legal advice and deliver it to any business that places an importance upon “doing the right thing”. Providing everything required to fulfil your regulatory obligations means our platform is best in class for any business looking to simplify their compliance.

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