What our clients say.

David Leon – Portfolio Manager & Founding Partner, Stellan Capital.

Innovative. Professional. Forward-thinking. Practical. These are just some of the words we at Stellan Capital would use to describe the team at Kit Legal. With the help of their team, we’ve been successful in transitioning away from a complex compliance culture full of hurdles and obstruction to one of ‘can do’ and opportunity that continually improves the way in which we do business. Thank you Kit!

The Stellan partners have decades of experience working for large global firms, and over this time we’ve seen the industry slowly slip to seeing compliance as the stick, not the carrot. Kit has broken from the pack, recognising that strong practical compliance is a ‘win-win’ for all parties, both client and firm. Their insightful approach leads to a positive culture within your firm and daily application of best practice.

Stephane Cooper – Director, Channel Finance & Wealth Advice industry consultant.

Why did you decide to move to Kit Legal for your AFSL compliance?

Having worked in major Wealth Management firms on the management side I was keenly aware of the dangers and complexities with regards to having an effective legal and compliance framework. When transitioning to managing our own AFSL the “what ifs” can almost stifle your ideas and growth plans it’s a case of having some knowledge actually being a bad thing as you know enough as to what can go wrong;  you truly miss having a legal and compliance team an email/desk away. Having our own AFSL also meant navigating which appropriate policies we needed, again having had management experience meant truly appreciating how critical these items are and as a start-up when some are offering policies at over $1000 each it’s a serious consideration.   


They have demonstrated not only a deep understanding of the challenges faced by owners running an AFSL but also provide pragmatic advice to help owners grow their business safely.


Having the DCP is critical with all of our policies and procedures. Also the fact that policies are updated with legislative changes proactively is reassuring. At our most recent Audit it was a hugely beneficial tool and time saver to be able to show the portal and how we as a small firm had large institutional infrastructure with regards to our legal and compliance preparedness. 

Client Service

Very approachable. Help desk for normal matters with options for turnaround times or for urgent matters, a phone call away.

What you would you say to a colleague considering using Kit for AFSL compliance assistance?

I have referred KIT to colleagues both small and large and will continue to do so. Apart from their service and platform a key differentiator for me is that as they are lawyers and you can rely on a legal opinion to a compliance view, which for a small to mid-size firm is critical both in terms of speed but importantly costs as well. 

Is there anything that you think sets Kit Legal apart as a unique service provider?

A key difference for me was having every policy and procedure available day one as part of the onboarding process. Kit’s approach is to help you from day one and make sure you are compliant not a process of continually paying extra fees per policy. Also having Kit chair our compliance committee is great governance.