Posted October 14, 2020

Posted By Meghann Cannon

Square Pegs and Round Holes.

We’ve taken a new approach to recruitment at Kit.

In the past when looking at the A(ttitude), S(kills), K(nowledge) profile of a potential new team member we have focused on the K; do they have specialised and specific financial services regulatory compliance experience and therefore knowledge. Lawyers with that specific knowledge are hard to find! It is even more rare to find someone that has the correct K(nowledge) coupled with top notch technical S(kills) and an A(ttitude) aligned to our firm’s vision. Add into the mix the fact that if the majority of law firms were characterised as square holes then Kit would be considered a round one! The difficulty of this search meant that we were continuously trying to make square pegs, with a high degree of K but not always the A or S, fit into the Kit round hole. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work for either party. 

We needed to make a change and then it dawned on us; we don’t necessarily need people with a ready-made high level of K in our very niche area. By overlaying Catherine’s wealth of knowledge and expertise with our automated tech offering and customised compliance framework we can provide the required K very quickly to a lawyer that possesses the right A(ttitude) and excellent technical S(kills). So, this time round, we started with a clean slate and concentrated on finding practitioners who rated highly in the A and the S and if they had some area specific content K it was a bonus. Guess what! It worked and these three round pegs have fitted in perfectly to Kit. Their amazing A’s and outstanding S’s have meant that the necessary K has been gained at an amazingly fast rate.

We finally feel like the search is over!


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