Posted April 17, 2020

Posted By Meghann Cannon

Royal Commission in 150 words or less….

Published 4 February, 2019

Prepared by Peter Hagias.

You’ll see many articles summarising the findings handed down by the Royal Commission. This is the shortest summary you’ll read:

  • Finance brokers will be regulated like financial planners and subject to a best interests duty.
  • Upfront and trailing commissions on mortgages are to be banned, requiring the borrower to pay the broker. However the Government has expressed reservations on this.
  • Opt-in notices will be required annually, and will apply to all OFA clients regardless of when they entered into the OFA.
  • Grandfathered commissions are to be removed entirely.
  • Life insurance commissions are to be reduced, with a view of ultimately removing them.
  • Licensees will be required to investigate cases of adviser misconduct and promptly take steps to notify affected clients and remediate the files.
  • Licensees will be required to identify cultural and governance problems and promptly address them.
  • The unfair contracts regime will apply to insurance contracts and the duty of disclosure will be limited to an obligation to take reasonable care to not make a misrepresentation.

We’re preparing a full report of the findings with our view on the practical effect these will have on your AFSL/ACL and this will be uploaded to the compliance portal for our clients. If you would like us to send the full report to you, please let us know!


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