Kit through the eyes of a just-turned-5-year-old!

During the school holidays, one of our little artists in residence, Edwina (age 5) decided to draw pictures of everyone at her Mummy’s workplace, Kit Legal. Whilst she was proudly presenting them to her “big” friends at their desks, we got to thinking about how innocent eyes often see the core value of a person, without the interference of age and experience. So, we asked Edwina what she thought of each of the Kit team and why they were important to the business. We think she was pretty spot on and we wanted to share her thoughts as a way to offer a little bit of an insight about the people who make up Kit!


Edwina says: “Always works and is nice to Mummy”

Julia does work hard and does it with a smile on her face. We would describe Julia as particular, exact, precise, scrupulous, fastidious, meticulous and lovely! Nothing gets past her and her knowledge of Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering and Credit is top-notch. Julia is kind of the Muhammed Ali of our office, she has the ability to pack a killer legal punch with the most controlled, softest of touches.



Edwina says: “Always talking to Peter and working”

Nick manages to talk and work at the same time! His ability to multi-task in this way makes him not only a great asset to Kit Legal but also important to our clients. We love his quest for new knowledge and desire to stay on top of emerging industries. It has been awesome to see him working with our Crowd Funding and FinTech clients over the past year and the knowledge base he has built in these areas will be valuable for the businesses we work with in the future. He is also just a really, really decent guy!



Edwina say: “He’s new, I don’t know anything about him but he works a lot and doesn’t wear his hair in a ponytail”

Connor is the newest addition to the Kit family and a very welcome one, coming at time where we were just passing the “nicely busy” to “out of control busy” stage. Connor arrived very highly recommended with some amazing international experience. Most importantly, he “gets” the Kit philosophy, wants to be part of our tribe and he doesn’t wear his hair in a ponytail (but we are fine with it, if he wants to at any stage).



Edwina says: “Always drawing on my arm and is a little bit funny”

Despite all the drawing on kid’s arms and trying to be funny, Peter actually does work really hard too! His ability to build rapport and provide real world commercial advice to our clients make him a crowd favourite (not just with the 5-8 year olds in the office). This guy knows his stuff well enough, to know how to make compliance and regulations work for business in the real world, not just theoretically.



Edwina says: “She’s always working, she’s always nice to everyone and she always smiles. I like playing with Digby and Elspeth at work”

Catherine is literally always working, either as a lawyer, a businesswoman, an advocate, a friend, a wife and most importantly as a mother to D&E. Catherine’s career track record speaks for itself but the fact that a 5-year-old can recognise that she is “nice to everyone and always smiles”, possibly says more about her than the achievements in a 15+ year legal career. What you see is what you get with Catherine, she is transparent and ethical with clients, her staff and the world in general. She is the reason why such a highly skilled team, in quite a niche area, can come together and work without competition or ego getting in the way.


Edwina says: “Always loves Maggie and Me and everyone at her work”

She does love her small people at home and her grown up children in the Kit family too.

We hoped you enjoyed learning a little more about the people at Kit, you know where to find us if you ever want to learn more!